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Heidi developed a passion for Interior Design while studying at Mount Vernon College (now George Washington University) in Washington, DC. She completed two internships while she was in school, one with a commercial design firm and another in a residential design firm. After graduating with a BA in Interior Design, Heidi moved to Ketchum, Idaho to pursue her career as an Interior Designer. Heidi has over 30 years experience of design in the Wood River Valley, with projects in Arizona and California in her portfolio as well. She has overseen many design jobs from ground up construction to small remodels, covering every aspect of designing a home.

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Anne is all about good taste and smart aesthetics. Growing up in a traditional home back East, she discovered fine finishes and classic furniture.  After graduating with a BFA in Interior Design from the University of San Francisco and the Academy of Art University, Anne learned about the casual West Coast lifestyle.  The combination of locations, as well as a year in Italy, gave Anne a broad sense of style and an appreciation for design, art, and décor of all sorts.  Upon settling in the mountains of Idaho nearly 20 years ago, Anne also discovered the sophisticated and honest balance of natural beauty.  Her experiences with designers and architects in San Francisco and Ketchum have given her a strong sense of business and the means to develop her own style.  Anne is not afraid of color and loves texture and pattern.  The most rewarding aspect of the design process for Anne is coming together with clients to develop a common ground of design that defines their personality and ultimately brings them joy.

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Erika loves mixing the old and the new, but she has her finger on the pulse of millennials, as she is one herself. As a designer, she believes a space should not be a short-sighted display of the latest passing trend. Rooms should tell a story, be collected and embrace great design regardless of their time, with pieces thoughtfully procured and embraced for their own celebrated style. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design, Erika had the great fortune of working with noted New York interior designer, Jamie Drake. The experience helped her develop a passion for art, color, and New York City. While there she earned her LEED professional credentials, because she values sustainable design. Erika has worked with clients on the East Coast and as far away as Switzerland. In 2011 she moved to Sun Valley and has enjoyed building her portfolio in the Mountain West.