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kim mauney

Kim is best known for her clean interpretation of classic design and timeless interiors. Her relaxed interiors are fresh and sophisticated and her approach to color is soothing, creating beautiful, calming and inviting homes.

Born in Texas, and raised in both North Carolina and the Bay Area, her California upbringing and her Southern ancestry led to a love of quiet, yet classic interiors. She brought this passion back to the South in 2010, when she and her family moved from the Bay Area to Charlotte, North Carolina.  During this time Kim worked with renowned architect, Frank Smith honing her skills in all aspects of the design process while fine tuning a turnkey process.

Kim holds a B.A. in Public Policy from Duke University, and a Masters (M.A.) in Interior Design from Marymount University in Arlington, VA.  

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erika Blank

Erika is a problem solver. Her ability to create calm from chaos through design came at an early age. She believes that good design is not created with one specific design style, but rather a holistic consideration of color, proportion, and scale. Good design is all about the details- not just checking the boxes.

Erika graduated Cum Laude from Utah State University with a degree in Interior Design and Political Science. While in school, she completed her formal training in New York working for famed designer Jamie Drake, an AD100 firm. The experience helped her develop a passion for art, color, and New York City. While there she earned her LEED professional credentials, because she values sustainable design. In 2011 she moved to Sun Valley and has enjoyed building her portfolio in the Mountain West.


Heidi Stearns

Heidi developed a passion for Interior Design while studying at Mount Vernon College (now George Washington University) in Washington, DC. She completed two internships while she was in school, one with a commercial design firm and another in a residential design firm. After graduating with a BA in Interior Design, Heidi moved to Ketchum, Idaho to pursue her career as an Interior Designer. Heidi has over 30 years experience of design in the Wood River Valley, with projects in Arizona and California in her portfolio as well. She has overseen many design jobs from ground up construction to small remodels, covering every aspect of designing a home.